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Faux Binding Trick


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did this one tonight, thought I'd share. Here's how to do a faux binding with a stained color instead of a sprayed toner color.

Tools needed - green masking tape, razor blade, binding cutter, binding scraper

Step1-tape all around edge of guitar and cut off excess with razor blade.

Step2-run binding cutter around perimeter of guitar, peel back tape to reveal the "binding" and seal with lacquer. I brush on 3-4 lite coats.

Step3-after lacquer is dry, peel remaining tape from body and rub stain on top. After stain is dry, clean binding edge with the binding scraper to remove any stain that is on the sealed binding. In this case, I took 320 and hand sanded the black back to achieve the charcoal color and then used the binding scraper to clean up the edges.

Step4-seal top

Here's the result!


Link to closeup

Just a friendly reminder, one picture per post, others must be linked. Exception in the "in progress and finished work" section.

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i dont mean to break rules or change the thread or anything but could you PLEASE do a tutorial on staining like that?? i want to do a Grey/black (charcoal grey) look like you did in the first one or like a red or blue (similar to the purple) but i have no clue where to start? like... what kind of stain did you use and all that? Thanks so much!

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