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Oh Gosh, I Did It Now....


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well, as im sure a few of you may recall, ive been in the markey for a bandsaw. originally i was looking at the laguna 14" but later opted for a much less expensive saw (not saying that its lesser quality, you could get a car for less than that saw....)

anways i was tired of trying to lie to myself and say when i had more money, so in a moment of clairity i went on ebay and snagged a new grizzly G0513X2 17" (with the cast iron wheels)

although it only has 12" resaw for 850, i just could not resist (its 50$ off grizzly's site, which almost pays for the shipping)

i also bought a 3/8 pos? Timberwolf blade and a 1" pos timberwolf blade i think it was 6tpi

anyways just thought id let your guys know

and thank you very much for all your help in helping on the latest addition to my family of tools :-p

Kenny :D

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Almost sure it can be adjusted for drift. Me, I just use a flat 6/4 board that's 12x6" or so and clamp it to the table.

As for Coplanar, it's not as important as you might think. Check amazon for the bandsaw book and see what it'll run you used. Probably can have it delivered to you super cheap. I have this one, which is also great:


all of $8 at your door. :D Duginske's might be better, but it'll cost twice as much

:D both are super cheap references that are worth having.

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I'm pretty sure the fence you have can be adjusted for drift. I'll have to look at the picture of it and see if it looks similar to mine. Does it have 4 allen bolts on the top holding it down. If it does it should be able to be adjusted, I have a different Grizzly saw and the fence I have allows for it, so I'd imagine it is the same for yours. I've been very happy with my saw and will be even more so when my new spring and woodslicer come in tomorrow, yea. Best of luck with the saw and take your time learning exactly how each adjustment affects the other adjustments and what the optimum is for each. I enjoy learning the ins and outs of my saw, then again I enjoy reading every tool manual I have. J

Edit: It looks like the same fence, so yea it will be adjustable so long as it is the same. It also comes with the aluminum resaw fence which is 6" and slightly longer than the table. It works well and can be set at either 6" tall for resaw or switched down to an 1" tall or so for thin stock and other types of cuts. Its super easy to attach and remove also. You'll see the handle used to tighten it actually has a spring that allows you to tighten the resaw fence to the normal fence while it sits on the table. I'm sure you'll see how it works, it took me a minute to understand how the spring worked. Its very neat that they came out with that X2 version with the cast iron wheels. I ended up getting the extreme version of the 14" for that reason among a few others like the fence, cabinet, light, extra hp and so on. That saw you bought looks very nice. Let us know how it goes when you get it her up and running. Along with the blades you bought, check out the woodslicer blades, I have one coming in tomorrow. I didn't know where to buy them from, I got mine from Highland woodworking and the price seemed very reasonable for all the good things I hear about the blades. I wanted to try the woodmaster ct, but I just don't have enough saw for a blade like that. You on the other hand should, though more pricey of a blade than the woodslicer I believe. There are a few helpful threads here and at OLF about blades, definitely helpful and worth a look. Best of luck with your saw!

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Think of parallel lines as "co-linear".

Now the same in 2D....parallel planes are "co-planar".

not sure I understand you there erik

co planar means on the same plane, two coins on a flat table are co planar. that might be what you mean but i read what you say as parallel planes which are different (stacked coins)

infact parallel lines are co planar not co-linear

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captains log star date 4231

im still emmersed in university math so i know what coplanar is :D, but i just wasnt sure what it was refering too. when my woodworking mentour passed away i inherited all his equipment aswell as books, so i will start reading one of the bandsaw books that he left me.

maybe ill post pics and whatnot. i think im going to make a resaw jig though....

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No,two coins stacked on a table are "co-coinered"and to make mention of the table as well it must be considered "co-coinered stackissimus"(latin for "on a table")

In other words,you guys are nerds...I should toilet paper your starship enterprise models...

:D:DB) Wes Rules !!!!! the man is on fire lately.

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wes and an attractive girl in the same room..... co-incidence?

Is that what she told you?...your sister lies...

Josh and a funny joke in the same topic...co-operation with someone not from the UK...

thats funny she said you were hung like a horse. ah well you can't have everything wes!

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well, i got my bandsaw today. the fedex guy helped me move it off the truck, i was stuck moving it from my driveway to shop though. that was an experience

so i found out that they do not include the male part of the outlet, aswell as it is wired to 220v that raises a problem since our house is wired to 110v

so heres my question. the grizzly manual says rewire the motor to 110v, but im not sure if there would be a drop in power, or just in increase in current.

the other option (yet about 100$ more expensive is having a converter box installed for 220v)

any opinions?

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