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Time To Rock Out Again. Anudder Jackson/Rhoads 'V'


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After my foray into Florals last Saturday, (jeezus) I gave myself a wake-up call and got back to bidness...another Jackson/Rhoads Shark stylee Flyin' V.

This one has:

A 3/4" quartersawn Walnut top, great tap tone.

3/4" Resonant 'boingy' piece of Honduran Mahogony

1/4" Eastern Maple rear cap (had to get to 1 3/4" in case I put a Floyd in her)

Waterfall Bubinga veneer job all around it, all sides.

Will be double-bound with a rear body bout just like the last one.

The rear body bout makes a Flying V much more comfortable to strap on and play, I know I really enjoy the one I already did, very comfy w/ the bout.

I've got the body woods all glued together and rough shaped.

Waterfall Bubinga bookmatched veneer already applied to the top, it went without a hitch.

You never know with veneer, every job is always 'on the edge' as to whether it will come out OK or not (at least it's that way with me) This one came out A-OK. Whew!

I'm going to cut out the rear control cavity and tremolo cover (if it winds up with a Floyd, not sure yet) before I glue the rear veneer on, so I can glue them to another piece of 1/4" Maple and use them for the covers, so the veneer will appear (hopefully/basically) seamless on the back.

I'm thinking of doing an EMG job to it, as I have all the pkps here already. SA/SA/85, all in white(!).

The SA's are from a DG-20 Gilmore 'guard I've been robbing parts off of, the 85 in white I picked up off of the 'bay awhile back.

Not 100% on that either, but I think that's what I'm gonna do. The only thing that might hold me back is the 5-way switch, not sure there's room for it, it was hard enough fitting the 3-way toggle on the last one. Hmmm...

I think the combination of the quartered Walnut and resonant Mahogony will make for a good tonal combo. I didn't really spend a lot of time planning the woods out, it was more like,...what I got I can slap together for another Vee?

OK, you, you, and you will = 1 3/4", let's go.

I think the white pkps against the Bubinga then the w/b/w/b/w binding will look good together.

Most of the guits I built last year, I was really going hog wild with chambering and light resonant woods (2 are ready to be completed, just hanging now) so I thought it was time to return to a full-on rock-out 100% solidbody again.

Maybe you's guys can teach me how to do some neck inlays for this one, I want to do something zippy and sharp for it.

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