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Sustainer Pickup


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How do you make the sustainer pickup? I can't find he info in the other topic.

Have a look at the tutorial linked at the bottom of my posts for a start. It is a tricky project, involving not only a coil to electromagnetically move the strings but a circuit to power it and a switch that bypasses the guitar's internal wiring to select the bridge pickup only and turn on the power.

There is a pictorial of how I built my pickup/driver also linked below.

In my DIY design(s), the driver is a key element and allows the thing to work without the complex phase correction circuitry of the fernandes and sustainiac systems. It is possibly not suitable for any guitar and can be trickier than you think to get it to work...though not necessarily "hard".

Don't try reading the whole main thread, but it is a place where these questions and problems can be sorted out which is why it has got so long and keeps going...feel free to add on there as posts like this get missed pretty often.

Hope that helps and welcome to PG '68


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