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Wiring Piezo Pickups In Parallel Or In Series


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Who knows what will be effect of wiring piezo pickups (e.g. buzzers) in parallel or in series to equalize their output with humbuckers. If I buy a 500 buzzers pack? I do not want to drill my guitar or mess with even more wires and batteries. I want to passively mix them and straight to the amp. So using them in stacks seems rational?

Also do you know about cigarette lighter piezo, are they as handy and efficient as buzzers?


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Welcome grtvrm...

There have been quite a few threads on piezos and some have contacted me about some of the stuff I have done and should be getting on with at the moment. It would be better than a bunch of multipule threads or bumping up old ones where people have moved on...to stick to one and get a bunch of people to contribute.

The "idea" of piezo things is interesting, but I see a bunch of problems. The Hex Inverters...sounds like you are avoiding the inevitable circuitry required...

Here again...

If I buy a 500 buzzers pack? I do not want to drill my guitar or mess with even more wires and batteries.

What exactly are you seeking to achieve?

A piezo and a magnetic pickup are completely different animals...they have such different impedances that the piezos will load the magnetic pickups and more will make it worse.

Even a piezo into a standard guitar amp...while it will make a sound, will not sound good because of the mismatch between these pickups and the amplifier itself.

You can use multiple piezos, in parallel is usual or via a mixer circuit and fitted in different places is a good way of getting a range of sounds besides bridge quack...but you still need the circuit and the circuit will need power.

Exactly what is wrong with a battery and a small preamp built into the guitar...even acoustic players will do that. Alternatively...you could perhaps run a stereo cable to an external preamp mixer with remote power...but probably not as good an alternative and far more complex.

I also thing that the need for a hex system is overdone...unless you anticipate actually running six individual signals and treating them and mixing them separately...what is worng with one or two well placed ones with a simple circuit to get the best from them?


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I know...it's an embarrassment constantly...still the last post was my shortest ever!

If you really want to experiment with DIY piezos...though I had little success as I did try very hard to make a hex system to run the sustainer off...it is possible to cut up even the buzzer piezos into little pieces :D

The circuitry can be a bugger to work out...not my personal strong point.

On the fuzz thing...craig anderton did some interesting work on that...and as an alternative to hex pickups with a conventional guitar...CA offered up the "quadra fuzz" (available in the DIY projects for guitarists book) that broke the signal into 4 channels Lo, mid1, mid2 and high and treated each separately to reduce intermodulation.

PAIA did a kit of it and it is extremely complex with filters and distorions and the possibility of 4 independent outs.

The speculative mind if one had enough knowledge of these things would be to go all the way and convert a 31 band equalizer, treating each filter band with fuzz or other effects...I can't imagine the latin for that...maybe an XXXI~fuzz...hehehehe

A different approach and if you search around, someone somewhere will have some kind of sound clip I am sure.

Saves you modding a guitar to create such an effect and allow it to be used on any instrument...also eliminates the onbaord power problems and such.

Sorry to be so cranky lately...too much stress...far be it for me to dampen a creative and detirmined mind.


Still think there is more to the sustainer thing...the first step if you were to go in this direction would be to start with a simple one and work your way along as you learn more about the restrictions. My DIY design, although simple relies a lot on the formula...it is not easily transportable to 6 mini coils for instance. If you find anything technical on the moog thing...I'd like to know more, but it has been somewhat shrouded in mystery and no technical information seems to be available (I tried a bit of a patent search for instance)

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