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Alpine White Nitro

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So five years ago I bought a Saga tele kit of ebay to learn how to put together a guitar. I replaced the tuners and electronics right away, then the body cause the neck pocket was crooked, and now I am getting a new neck, bridge and pickguard.... yeah...

So anyway, I want to refinish it while its apart. This time I want to do it in Alpine White Nitro but I am having a hard time finding it. It can be aerosol or just paint as I do have a gravity feed HVLP gun that I assume I can use for this. Anyone know where I can get it?

I think it will be pretty sharp with a tortoise shell pickguard and a rosewood fretboard

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dont know where, but...

you said you replaced the hardware, then the body because of the neck pocket, and then you replaced the neck. so how can there even be anything left of the original project? thats all there is.

The only thing original is the control plate and knobs and the neck plate. LOL. Great guitar...

Well, the pickguard is still good, and the bridge wasn't too terrible but I might as go all out now and get quality everything

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Nitro lacquer is going to be unlikely. Acrylic lacquer, yes. But more and more areas are banning nitro because of the large amounts of environmentally hazardous solvents it gives off. Not many companies make colored nitro lacquers anymore. I don't know of where you can get one other than mixing some pigment in lacquer and spraying and getting a Preval spray system.

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Further to similar thread I started in the Finishing section:


After reading this, I just happened to notice this RustOleum colored lacquer in Home Depot. I've read through the data sheet at their site and they don't really say what it is, but the solvents in it suggest nitro. It comes in white, black, red and clear. Anyone know what this stuff is?

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