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Recently I made up a radiused sanding bobbin to go in my drill press. I turned it out of a 60mm steel bar on a lathe but I cant see why a piece of hardwood wouldnt work just as well with a bolt for a shank thru the centre. I used an off cut from a Stew mac 12" radius fretboard for a pattern to machine and file it to. I glued some 80 grit paper on and set up a back guide and push it thru on a slow speed with lots of light cuts until I have a full radius. Works great and a couple of swipes with the 12" radius block with some fine sandpaper smooths it out nicely.

I will never need to buy any more fingerboards now which saves money on a build.

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hey... im not that good in imperial units, can anyone tell me how much is that in degrees??

It's not. 12" is 12 inches - a distance of about 305mm, and it's the radius of the curve.

Yeah so if you drew out a 24 inch diameter circle the radius would be 12 inches. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:CIRCLE_1.svg take one section of the outline of the circle and you've got what the fretboard looks like, a curved line. hope that helps explain the radius a little better for you. :D

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