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Finishing A Headstock


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Hey guys. its been a while since my last post ive been busy with school and band stuff. i have a question about painting my headstock.

the neck is a maple neck i bought at my local guitar store from a kit that had missing parts. my question is this: i have just finished puting the last layer of Black Paint on it. the paint has small rainbow like flakes in it. its Dupli-Color Effects paint. i was wondering if i could use a silver or gold Gell Pen or similer to right a logo or my name on it then put the clear coat.

is this possible and if not what is an alternative aside from a laser printer? (i dont own one)

any help is gratel appreciated thanks :D

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After the paint is all dry, you could get a metallic paint or leafing marker and it should write fine (you will want to try it out on scrap first). Before putting a clear coat, you might want to put sealer over it, just to avoid running (last thing you want is your logo to run when clear coating). Then just build your finish over it. If you don't want to do the laser printer thing, you can take the copy and decal paper to someplace like kinko's and put it in the copy machine (I hear it works, though I haven't done it personally).

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