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Question About Compounds


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I'm getting close on this tele mutt body. I've sanded to 2500 and the finish is looking pretty nice...for a mutt. I have 3 rubbing compound type products and would like to know what order I need to use them or if i need to use something additional or somethinf different.

They are, 3M imperial hand glaze, 3M performance finish and turtlewax polishing compound and scratch remover.

Thanks for any advice.


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Scratch remover is the most aggressive of the listed compounds. You shouldn't need to use this as it's designed for targetted areas as a repair product. If you're at 2500 and you have a finish which is consistently free of lower grit scratches, then Micromesh would help take it up a notch even to 12000 grit. I'd say the hand glaze would be finessing at the end of your polishing schedule. Sack off the performance finish on the basis is contains silicone. Put it in the bin and wash your hands afterwards. It's automotive only - unless you're subjecting your instrument to road dirt and weathering. Probably the same with the Turtlewax product. Consider purchasing a set of Micromesh pads and bringing your polish up with even finer sanding, lubricating the pads with soap and water or even the hand glaze.

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