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Fret Ends

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Hey I was wondering how to file the fret ends flush to the fingerboard end with out catching the wood at all?

After they're flush I was then going to bevel the edge, was wondering if they're was any advantage to beveling before the end is fully flush?

One its all flush I should seal the ends with titebond and saw dust (its an ebony board and I've plenty of ebony dust to make the glue black) and then wipe off the excess?


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I just use a flat file and it doesn't really catch the wood at all.

I also file them flush before I start bevelling, I don't think you could do a consistent bevel otherwise. Other people may do it differently.

I seal up my exposed fret slots with superglue and ebony dust. I don't know how well the color will match with titebond, it may work fine. I prefer superglue because it's clear and will harden really fast. After all the slots are filled I hit the sides of the board with a sanding block and go through a few grits to smooth down all the little bumps. With ebony, they slots are totally undetectable.

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