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Les Paul Style Binding/fretting


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Unless you're making a 'vintage correct' replica, why would you want to do it Gibson-style? IMO it's inferior in a number of ways (binding shrinkage means gaps far too close to the string, less usable fret surface for playing on, far more difficult to repair/recrown/touch up) and offers zero advantages other than 'that Gibson look'.

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well, i dont like the way gibson does it, but here is the general idea

get your binding, mark out where the frets are going to be, and the height. on a bandsaw cut the binding in such a way where there are "bumps" where the frets are and the depressesions are level withe rest of your fretboard. these "bumps' are then shaped to look like fret ends

i saw a tutorial on it a long time ago, but i cant seem to find it anymore, sorry man.

sorry if that was kinda vauge, i would be more than happy to elaborate

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I agree with the obvious shortcomings of the 'vintage' spec Gibson and others have done, and haven't done it on the 2 builds I've done using neck binding but I'd like to do a period correct LP and this is something I'm gonna have to tackle.

I understand the frets are to be left un-beveled, then place the binding 'hump' to extend the fret shape thru to the edge of the binding strip apparantly from the post above??

sounds like possible long term shrinking leads to a gap forming between it and the fret end to deal with also. wouldn't it be easier to set the top of the binding to the height of the fret and then scrape the areas between flush to the fb?

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