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Tips For Bending Bubinga?

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I have read that bubinga can be a big pain in the butt to work with and bend. I am nearing the point where i will be bending it, and cant seem to find any solid sources that say things like how wet it should be.. how much heat to use... is there any charts out there for this type of thing? or have any of you hand bent bubinga and can give any tips before i take it on? thanks!

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Here is a link to a search at the OLF(the subject of bending temps often comes up). link

Bubinga is pretty dense. It is usually tuffer to get the denser woods fully up to temp. I don't think you really need to get much hotter than 325degF (that is of course fully heated to that temp). The problems most likely people have is from not getting the wood fully up to temp. How much water? depends on how well you can contain the steam, if you seal the slats anything more than a spritz is not needed(your goal is to generate steam to help get the heat to the wood). If your setup is not really heating evenly a bit more water can provide scortch protection. If you run very efficient transfer and can heat fast even and accurately, you don't need water at all(see Taylors vids). A low efficiency rig like bulbs or straight up open pipe bending, will require more water.


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