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Removing Lacquer From A Stained Instrument


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I'm looking for some advice from someone a little more experienced with stained woods than I am. I need to remove the lacquer from an instrument, while attempting to leave the burst stain interacted underneath. What do you reckon my chances are? And if I have a chance, what methods would be kindest to the stain underneath?

If I do end up having to remove the stain too, is there any way to predict how deep it's run? And what's the best method for that task?

Thanks chaps :D

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I don't see this being achievable without redoing the sunburst. Like ihocky says, it's likely built up with tinted lacquer over a stained base, and even if it wasn't it would be nigh on impossible not to sand through.

I'd think in terms of back to porefiller, and if that isn't acceptable to the client, decline the job.

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