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Something I Noticed About Painting


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I noticed on a few builds that people are filling their trem and pickup cavities with something like crumpled up paper and then spraying them. I'm guessing that its to make sure that the insides don't build up any thickness so that the pickups and trem fit. Is this right? If so, then how do you seal the wood inside of those cavities to prevent expansion of the wood so that you don't get cracks in your finish like i see on a lot of guitars that are 10+ years old?

Is it okay to put one coat of poly in there to seal the instrument from moisture?


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I think the idea is not to protect the insides from paint, but to stop the paint spraying through a hole and dripping down the other side...

I always have the whole body painted and for the neck pocket I scrape off the paint but leave a little if the neck is not really tight if the necks really tight I have it masked off. You could get the shielding paint for the electronics and pickup cavities though.

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