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Loose Fret Ends & Abr-1 Question


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Hi (and I hope I'm OK asking this question here)

I've got a Vintage AV-1 guitar that is causing me a little bit of grief.

A couple of fret ends are loose & I understand to rectify this I should protect the fretboard with some sort of wax whilst running a bead of super glue under the fret & letting capillary action do its thing whilst holding the fret down. Is this right? Thing is I'm in the UK and hoping someone could recommend a cyanoacrylate to use with an appropriate means of applying it.

The other thing is that the ABR-1 is actually leaning slightly to the neck (the posts don't appear to be vertically straight) so it looks like I've got to straighten or replace said posts.

I'm convinced the guitar has been dropped whilst in transit. The tone knob was smashed & I have slight niggle that that is also behind the loose frets and the ABR-1 posts (the finish around one of the posts has lifted as if the guitar has been dropped front on, with the ABR-1 and control knobs taking the brunt of the impact).

I hope that the guitar can be rectified. The thing that winds me up about this guitar is that it was a replacement to a dodgy Peter Green clone (Lemon drop) by the same manufacturer & a refund took months to come through before I ended up buying this elsewhere.

Thank you,


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