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hard finish?


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Tung Oil is soft and useless for a durable finish.

Varnish is extremely hard.

Turpentine I'm guessing must be the thinner.

They might be using the tung oil:

1)to slow the curing time of the varnish down

2) maybe the tung oil makes the varnish more brushable

I find it 'very' odd that you are asked to add these things together yourself. You are playing a very tricky game there.

One thing I DO know for a fact...if you care about that guitar, you won't go trying any finish on it that you haven't used and/or tested well beforehand and you're completely 100% comfortable using it.

You can sand a piece of flat scrap wood a helluva lot easier than you can strip/sand your guitar if something doesn't work right.

That's why I still use lacquer. I've been tempted to try Poly several times, but it's taken me years to really get all the kinks worked out of shooting lacquer so my results are very dependable, there's no more guessing games going on.

And to start using another product (Poly) is like starting all over again.

I have stripped/sanded more guitars than I ever care to remember while I was still 'learning', so I'm perfectly happy to stick with repeatable results now.

The finish 'bible' is 'Understanding Wood Finishing' by Bob Flexner. I cannot recommend that book enough to anyone doing guitar finishing, it is a tremendous book, there's nothing even close to it really. $15.00 or so, what a bargain...

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I would really steer clear of that stuff for several reasons.

I would instead spend the $15.00 on the book and read it, it is the BIBLE.

It has absolutely everything about every finish in it.

It has every good and bad characteristic of every popular finish in it.

It explains why finishes do what they do, and explains the differences between all the different finishes.

It debunks tons of myths.

It is a fun and easy read.

It is -Tremendously- informative.

Once you read it, you will understand the entire 'big picture' of finishes.

Once you read it, you will know more about finishing and finishes than 95% of the people you run into on the web do.

It is a must-read. Buy the book, you'll never regret it.

After you read it, you will have a much better foundation on which to decide what type and kind of finish you want for your guitar(s).

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