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Prepping Neck Lams....how To Create Ultra Thin Strips?

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after viewing the fantastic creations displayed by members here, I'm wondering how you go about creating the ultra thin strips I've seen in multi-piece neck laminates? some appear as thin as 1/16th, maybe less.

the only thing I can think is to rip a strip off of a board then some how try to sand it uniformly enough down it's length to be properly prepped to glue up. am I far off base here? thanks.

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I used a table saw to do the ones on my neck. Ran the edge through the jointer first, then set the fence on the table saw for a about 1/16". A good table saw should get you pretty clean cuts, I just went over mine a bit with a scraper before gluing them up. I also cut my bindings this way, so you can make very thin, straight cuts as long as your sides are parallel.

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If you don't have any of the above, you can oversize your laminates and create one glueing edge. Glue the laminates to the outer laminates (I’m imagining a five-piece here) and one they’re dry and cleaned up, clamp them side to side (as though you’ve opened them out, bookmatch style) with the laminate joins perfectly aligned:


You can use any number of techniques to shave the top off, and whilst you’re at it, you can even add a little bit of taper. Techniques for shaving off the top and thinning the laminate stock in this example are:

- a router thicknessing jig

- power jointer (clamp two sacrificial pieces of wood either side to start it out and keep it level)

- hand planing

- thickness planer or sander (planer may tear out, both require the bottom of the pieces to be flat and aligned in relation to the laminates)


I actually prefer to use my thickness planer, then power jointer, and then fine tune it with my No.7 plane. You can achieve good results using any or all of these techniques.

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thanks fellas, I wouldn't of thought of doing the bookmatch technique. are the veneers avail obviously in rolls or long strips? haven't really looked at my local Woodworkers Source I'm sure they probably have something like this. thanks again.

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