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January-February Contest

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This time I'm extending the contest over two months since it is getting such a late start.

The subject is Guitar Forums! There is a wide open slate for the Project Guitar website but this one doesn't count :D

So post as many links as you can find to the main pages of guitar forums!

Remember only the main pages, this contest's prize is a bit different as well.

The person that post's the most will win a single supply of Big Bends Nut Sauce.

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I am not real sure I want a bottle of anyone's nut sauce :D I just have this really nasty visual of some fat guy sitting in a Lazyboy in a bottling factory wearing a Carona t-shirt stained with last night's barbeque and a "**** You" hat - and no pants - in front of him teaters a mountain of magazines and spam vids on top of a circa '68 console telelvision, surrounded by hand cream bottles and kleenex boxes for spillage control.

NOT something I wanna be spreading over my axe I don't think :o :o :o


rock LJ

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