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Greeting im new to guitar and i was wonder sence my guitar is my father guitar and its old and the laca is alfoul i was wondering can i change it myself and do i need some special things to do it and more important will it change the sound cuz one frend told me it will change the sound but his not much a guitar player too so help me pls

Sorry For My English B)

:D :D B)

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welcome to the forum. If im not mistaken what you are asking is if the laquer is something you could fix yourself. Trying to do a finishing job yourself if you have no experience or anything is going to be a very difficult task. If it is something you only plan on doing to this guitar, your better off either leaving it alone, or taking it to a professional and paying the money to get it done right. If you really want to get into it though, this forum has hundreds of posts that are about finishing. Take a look around the forum. You will find alot of info. Hope this helps

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