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Neck-through Tele From...vietnam?

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I found THIS LISTING on ebay.

I realize that shipping is 100 dollars, but even at that...this LOOKS to me to be a solid and really well built neck-thru Tele that just needs the finishing pieces.

Even for 100 dollars shipping, that guitar would easily cost you more than that to build...and WAY more to buy it already finished from someone in the US...

A) I don't really know that i personally could take the chance

:D I kinda wish someone would though cause I would love to know if it really is as nice as it looks to be.


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First off its only the body and neck,

Second, lots of guitars start off at 99c, search guitar and click sort by Price: Lowest to Highest, there will be heaps, they get all those last minute bids that brings the price up a couple hundred dollars. You watch that item and see how much it goes up before it finishes...

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Do a search on the guys name in google, I'm pretty sure this has been brought up here a few times in the PG forums as well. The work is poorly done. Thick glue lines, poor quality inlay work, veneer thin (shatters easily) inlay material, sloppy fretwork, the wood is never properly dried or stable. The list goes on and on, don't bother wasting your money.

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I looked through the other auctions...Burn marks on the wod at the end grain,rough routing,and the sg has the neck way high off the body to compensate for lack of neck angle with a tom...

I would stay away...I know it is tempting...but really those guitars are wasted wood.

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