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Okay, Okay, Another Crazy Idea...

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So i'm sitting here tuning up my snowboard, melting wax into the base of the board so i can scrape it off. Basically, as everyone knows, p-tex is what the bottom of skies and snowboards are made of. P-tex is a plastic that works well under high heat and friction.

Anywho, P-tex has pores in it. So what do you to to get rid of pores in anything? You wax/polish it! That way, the wax fills in the holes, thereby reducing friction and allowing you a nice easy smooth ride down the hill. You have to scrape excess wax off with a straight edge in order to achieve a smooth finish though.

So i got to thinking about grainfilling... And then i noticed a thread where someone was using bees wax on top of a polyurethane finish to make it look nice and smooth and slick.

Soooooooo... can i use wax as a grainfiller? Or does Polyeurethane have the same properties as clay glaze where it'll just avoid all the areas that the wax is...

crap, this sounds like a bogus idea lol. Either way, what do you all think?

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