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Lefty Strat Neck On Right Hand Strat Body?

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Hey, I have been thinking about building (putting together...haha) my own guitar for quite some time.

I took the first step last week and bought a loaded Fender pickguard from eBay for a pretty good price.


I contacted a seller on eBay about their right body and left neck, and they wrote back saying that they would not fit together, even tho judging from the dimensions it looked like it would on paper. The body and neck are really cheap...EDEN I believe, but I didn't want to spend too much money, at least not for my first time.

So, can they fit together? Will there be problems ?


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other than possibly needing to add new side dots there should not be a problem... but the company have really covered themselves by saying it will not fit at all - you may or may not have some neck pocket/screw hole adjustments to make

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The body could be routed for a different scale length than the neck. If its a TOM bridge or any non-trem really, you could fill the old holes and set the right scale length with the bridge. I suppose you COULD bolt the neck on a little farther out but that would leave an ugly gap between the neck and the body, and the neck might not be tight in the neck pocket, which you don't want. Maybe post a link to each item and we could tell you more?

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