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One More Rotary Question.


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I'm wiring a guitar with 2 single coils. (or one single and a hum but I don't need to split the hum, so that can stay simple) ONE Tone, ONE Volume. I bought a rotary switch because there's already a bunch of holes in the guitar and I wanted to fill them instead of cutting more.

The Rotary switch is a 2 pole common, 12-6 (two lugs for each position). It's from Radio Shack.

I guess I just don't understand the concept of how to make this work.

Thanks for the help.


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OK..I'll bite...

better info than some...but possibly not enough!

Different rotaries come with different pin layouts...but sounds like a double pole 6 position switch...

With two single coils your selections are limited to a degree and some exotoc combinations may require more switching power...

The 3 obvious ones (I am assuming this is in place of a selector?) are



neck and bridge in parallel

the other obvious ones are...

neck and bridge parallel out of phase

(you can hear this hollowed out funky sound on my tele sound clip linked below)

neck and bridge in series

(this tends to be a bit bassier and more powerful...additional caps and or resistors can tone this down a little)

neck and bridge in series out of phase

however...I am not sure if this switch would handle all the combinations listed above.

The other potential use is a varitone kind of thing that works with a selector...

Working out exactly what your switch connections are is often supplied or you can use a multimeter to map it out so you know what goes with what...

As far as drawing a diagram...probably GN2 is more qualified and may have something...DGB studio is another source of hundreds of guitar schemes...

GN2 would be better able to say whether things like the series options are possible with this switch and how to do it...also, it is unlikely that with only two poles and these kinds of selections that it will be able to keep multiple tone controls separated...but this too is something GN2 might be better at...

good luck!


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