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First Build (finally!)

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well i finished my first build at Bailey guitars...so i had a lot of help. anyways, i thought since i have pestered you with all my stupid questions i should show you all some pics. by way of thanks i suppose, because reading this site has been a real education and i don't think i would have had the confidence to do this if i hadn't seen so many people building such beautiful guitars, often on the first build. anyway without further ado...my first guitar!


basically it's an explorer with a fixed strat bridge...wenge top, 3 piece mahogany body with a bolt on maple neck and maple binding. hardware is cosmo black and pickups are cream p90s. i have to admit with the wenge and the cream p90s i was thinking mostly of the image. i knew i wanted p90s on this build but the wenge is purely decorative. i also have to admit it sounds verrrry good (i know, i'm amazed B) ). it sustains for days and i am using this guitar pretty much exclusively, although i would imagine that was normal for a first build :D

anyways, if anyone wants any more pics msg me, either way... enjoy MY FIRST BUILD :D

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thanks for the reply. it's 24.75 scale because i have quite small hands and every 24.75 scale guitar seems to have a baseball bat neck, so i thought i would go for a thin neck and a shorter scale.

the neck is vaguely jem-like, a bit thicker i reckon because i have only played a jem a few times. its nice and flat but it does have a bit of meat to it so it feels substantial yet not too clunky.

it also has a compound radius. mark has a pretty cool trick of radius-ing the finger board to, say about 12", then going over it with a flat sanding block to knock some of the corners off the slightly rounder 12" radius. how this works i have no idea, but mark picked most of his neat tricks up at the eggle factory. i've never played an eggle but if mark's guitars are anything to go by they must have been fantastic.

anyway, here are a few more pics. i didn't take too many mainly because the house is upside down at the minute because we have the builders in. the joys of getting an extention, eh? at least when the dust settles i'll be able to kit out the garage as a work shop. my next build will probably be a tele because everyone should own one, and i dont :D


heres some more links...



thank you for your interest :D

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