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Q? About Bracing

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The bracing on my plans for my 12 string I have drawn in red.

The section greyed out on the neck block is not included in the plans. This is a body from a Simon and Patrick guitar which I got off Ebay.

It's mainly the upper bout where the problem lies. If I were to follow my plans I would have to cut off a section of the neck block, and I may be a little short with my bracing.

If I left the block as you see it would that be sufficient support to replace the first piece of bracing and start from the piece marked A?

Or even put 2 shorter pieces in either side of the neck block.

One other thing my plans show side supports, this body does not have any would it be wise to put some in?


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I don`t think side supports are necessary if the sides are made of laminated wood.

if it´s solid wood, then I will do no harm, but don´t overdo it. you don´t need a huge piece of wood there.

about the bracing, i wouldn´t cut the neck block. and just use one brace there. make sure all your braces are quartersawn, that makes a huge difference.

the braces closer to the waist seem to be too close to each other. I would put them more spaced, at least on the bass side.

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