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JEM body-size?

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just curious about the size of the JEM body. I suppose it would be somewhat smaller than my (now finished) kramer/allparts mutt (large soloist-style baretta II body), but by how much? similar to my neckthrough kramer fr404 (soloist copy)?

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yes, but has anyone actually compared a JEM body to something similar? I've looked at the blueprint, but I'm lacking the proper measuring equipment (and I can't bring my guitar to work because the measuring equipment there is always in use. besides, people would probably not like me spending work time measuring my guitars in that fuxpensive machine of theirs). right now, I'm kinda clueless as to why I want to know, but I guess the information could be useful one day, if I ever decide to build a JEM-a-like (what's that, my 205th project now? guess I do need a life after all...)

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