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First Time Finishing


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A couple years ago i bought a 80's/90's(not sure) Samick strat style guitar with the intent of refinishing and doing some mods. I started off really by biting off more than i could chew. I added a 0.7mm quilted veneer to a carved top, with the absence of a vacum press this didnt trun out the greatest. I have since removed the veneer and all the glueand plan to do the guitar white with gold hardware. Just wondering what is the best way of priming/painting/ clearing the body. There is still some sanding sealer present from the original finish, will this make a difference to the paintjob if propperly primed? Also, a friend of mine used to work at a cabinet shop and i was consiedering getting them to do it does anyone have any experience with a company spraying your guitars?

Any feedback would be great.

Thanks, -Josh

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Welome Josh.

The sealer shouldn't effect anything but level sanding.

You can get a decent result with rattlecans, depending on what you want.

A cabinet shop probably doesn't have experience with what you are looking to do unless it's a natural finish. Most production auto shops aim at achieving the same level of orange peel that you see on production paint work, go look at your car and see how much orange peel there is. A custom paint shop will be looking for minimal to no peel.

As far as a finish schedule:


Guide Coat (this is a thin layer of paint used to sand off and see that the primer is straight)

-Block sand. Using a flat sanding block sand to remove the guide coat, you are making sure the primer is straight not just smooth.

-Fill any low spots left with guide coat and finish block sanding.

Sealer if your chosen finish calls for it. (For instance House of Kolor requires you seal their primer before applying paint, you CAN NOT paint on their primer)

Base coat, artwork etc..


Color sand, cut, buff and polish.

That's the basic. John Kosmoski has a great book on custom painting if you really want details.

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