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Ormsby Custom?

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how much would an ormsby custom be with these specs?

-swamp ash or mahogany body

-super strat

-carved top with quilted maple sunburst purple colour

-neck-through construction

-ebony neck

-H-H pickup configuration

-1 volume & 1 tone with a 3 way toggle switch

-original Floyd rose

-emg 81/85

all hardware in gold.

i know its better off asking them but my emails not working right now and I'm just wondering if anyone on here works for them or they would know prices thanks

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Roades56 is who had been answering your previous threads is in fact Perry Ormsby...that's why I mentioned it. Be aware that custom instruments of that quality rightfully demand a high price and can take a while to deliver as demand is high. Compared to buying a high end factory PRS or Gibson though it is more than favorable...just so you know, got to be serious about these things, not just wishing...

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You do the math yourself:


Or get that E-mail fixed so that you can contact Perry.

Or PM Roades56 (=Perry Ormsby as PSW told you).

Dont expect us to tell you what someone else will charge you for their jobb.

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People dont generally start topics to talk about prices btw, its mostly done in private.

He'll prob chime in so I dont want to go into details, but from what I gather

you are looking at may be a 2 year waiting list, and it should be $2000AUS and upwards I imagine. ($5000AUS is a bit extreme unless you wanted a lot of really crazy specs).

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