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Strat Project: What Is The "black" Wire?


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Hey all,

I'm building a Stratocaster with 2 single coil Lace Sensors and 1 Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Humbucker with Clapton Signature TBX pots and all that.

Anyways, the wiring diagrams all have black wire - pieces between the pots, for instance, and also to the grounding clip. I bought all the pieces for this guitar individually, so it didn't actually come with any wire for that part of the setup.

Is there a special type of wire that should be used for this? Is this something I can just go get at Radio Shack?


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Maybe you could post the wiring diagram that is causing you confusion. It's an odd mix of pickups also...not sure about the balance between the HB and the laces...but it will work in a fashion...

Here's an example of the wires in question. I colored a few of them teal blue:


Is there a specific type of wire I should be using to make those connections?

Judging from my other Strat, they seem to be silver wire with a black vinyl casing. I'm not sure what type of wire that is exactly, though (guage and what not).

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i just use unshielded 22 gage stranded wire from raidio shack and i haven't had any noise problems but then agian its not like i have wired a not of guitars and most of the ones i have done where active pickups.

but any way you might try raidio shack





A recent thread on hook up wire from which this is a post gives you some idea of specifications and sources...click on the little pink arrow to go to it...

The wires are just ordinary wires as you would find in any guitar (not shielded or anything) connecting the components up at those points. The colour need not matter...however, I tend to buy a pack of about 12 colours (works out cheaper anyway) and colour code things to make it easier to trouble shoot and tell ground wires from hot wires and such...

Use "stranded flexible wire...not solid wire...do some searching around here and in the tutorial tips on soldering and such if you are new to this (as you appear to be)...

hope that helps...


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