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Grizzly Ulitmate 14" Bandsaw On Sale


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It worth it to keep watch on those if you are in the market for a bandsaw. A year or two ago I found the 14" extreme version for a $100 off. I figured I could only afford to spend enough for the ultimate one which was also a $100 off, $395 I think was the price, but I talked myself into the extreme. It has quite a few features that easily make up the price difference, mainly a bit more power and cast iron wheels vs. cast aluminum, plus much more. If you can justify the price the extreme is great, I've been very pleased with that saw. If you take the time to learn and understand how it works and how to dial it in, you will have a great saw. I just put a woodslicer on it and wow, resawed a small piece for a friend to use as headstock veneers, cut paper thin no problem, very even and cut with such ease. Definitely worth keeping on eye on the price to get a good deal, but even at full price they are a deal. Great hobbiest tool.

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