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Next step...what to do?

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alright..back again...but i sanded my explorer to 180 and got it nice and smooth and sanded...i sprayed a coat of gray primer on it....so now im wondering now what? should i spray another coat of primer? or sand the primer i got now? if so with what grit sand paper? or should i just spray the black paint on it?

now as for the hard finish..i am so torn on what to use! i was originally going to use polyurathane...and i already bought it..but ive heard more complaints than anything about this stuff..and i dont wanna wait 3 months for it to cure....so what should i use? ive heard alot about nitro...or else automotive hard finishes..which i have a connection to get some for possibly free..but dont know how to use it..so please just any advise on this helps..

thanks for all your help and patience...i dont wanna mess up! ive come this far!

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That and make sure your primed coat is as smooth as possible! Keep sanding it with smoother grits down to say 320 or 400 because the smoother the base coat the better (well easier) the top coat will turn out. So keep in mind a few primer coats won't hurt you :D Just don't go overboard and make it all thick with primer!

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