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Ovation Bridge Bolts A Necessity?

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I highly doubt that anybody remembers, but I posted a thread a loong time ago about my ovation cc24 (not the best guitar, I know). Anyway, the bridge was rattling, and I found out it was the bolts in the bridge that were making the rattling sounds. So, I fixed it today (why it took this long, I don't know), and I was wondering:

Since the bridge appears to be glued on as well as bolted on, is it necessary to have the bolts in there as well? Or would the glue suffice? I know that the bolts would be in there for a reason, I guess, but I just wanted to check; If I could get rid of the problem with the bolts, then I would gladly do that haha.

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I repaired a friends Ovation celebrity a while back as the neck had let go. I noticed the glue they use for the sound board braces looks like epoxy, not sure if it is or not. The string pull is directly on the bridge as the strings feed thru the back and aren't anchored in the sound board like most acoustics. So I would say yes they are needed, as they wouldn't have put bolts in if they weren't needed.

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