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Where Would I Post This

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Hey I need help with my guitar neck, where would i post something along the lines of:

I just finished scalloping my guitar's neck (12-24) and I have ran into a problem. Well I re-strung it, and everything is great, except the 12th and 14th frets for every string besides the two E's have major buzzing and the note barley sounds out. My question is should I go back and refile these two frets, or should just more sanding help? Thank you.

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I'd post it in the first section guitar and bass chat...most responses...a moderator might even move it for you :D

BTW...welcome to PG...

With scalloping like that I suspect that it will have made a big difference to the neck flex and so the truss rod will need adjustment to compensate for the removal of neck material...

Pics are always good...use photobucket perhaps then post link to display photos...

Don't go about filing frets and such untill all the other options are explored and understood...particularly truss rod adjustment and such....there are more experenced people than me in scalloping that should be able to help more...

good luck...pete

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