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Diam. 7 Pearl Dots 2mm Thick Available?


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There are 6mm diameter, 2mm thick available.

Still looking for 7mm diameter ones.

I sell 7mm dots but they are 1.5 mm as cScuttle has said. This is the industry standard. If it is a depth issue add some wood under the dot of the same color as the fingerboard or wherever you are inlaying too. You can also use epoxy and float the inlay flush with the surface.

baring this you can put two pieces in the same hole but you don't want to sand the top dot too thin.

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Are there any 2mm or thicker 7mm diameter Pearl Dots available?

Does anyone sell 7mm diam. staffs of pearloid for making it yourself?

Stewmac only have 0.05" thick (1.27mm).


My first post! I can make dots and other inlay shapes from pretty much any flat material. I just got some REALLY nice 2mm figured white mother of pearl sample blanks in standard sizes that I will use on my CNC routers. If you still need them, let me know. How do you plan to inlay them?

-James Leonard

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