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Green Burst And Shellac Vid?

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Hi there.

It's been a while since I posted here as my new job takes lots of my time.

Anyway. I just re-started my Paulacaster guitar project and I wanted show a friend a video tutorial on how to apply a green burst and shellac finish I once saw in this forum. Somehow I have done all kinds of search with all possible word combinations but just can't find the darned page with the video.

All I can remember is that it was a funny guy and that the video was in a sort of wood/carpentry site. Oh and the guy plays mandolin at the end of the video. :D

Any help would be greatly appreciated as It would help me out in showing my friend how to go about finishing his guitar without me actually doing it.

I will start posting pics of my build as soon as I get it going.

Later, :D

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