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Easy Way To Drill Wiring Route In A Tele

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Comparing the drawings of the Tele to the copy I have, I discovered the copy has used an easier way to handle the holes for the wiring, than was shown on the drawings. Everyone might do it this way, I don't know, so ignore me if this is old hat. But instead of the intermediate hole between the neck pickup and the control cavity, with 2 holes drilled so the wiring goes through the intermediate hole, they just drilled directly to the control cavity - as I have in my new tele build below. I used an 8mm brad point long drill, and it only took a minute or two.


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You can also do the wiring holes/routes before gluing the top on. I go this route because I still do not own a long drill bit. What brand drill bit did you use?

A cheap unknown thing. I got 3 in a packet (8, 10, and 12mm) for $4.99 at a local store that sells ultra cheap junk - not just tools, but kitchenware, hobby stuff, electrical, candles and incence, boxes toys - anything they can sell for a few dollars.

At $4.99 for 3, I wondered how good it might be, but I figured I only use it on wood, so I'd try them. They work very well. I got a set of spade bits from the as well for a similar prices, and I just cut the 22mm output jack hole with one of them. No problems.

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