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Measuring Fret Slots

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I'm thinking of using a new method to measure my fret slot positions. It's new to me at least.

Instead of marking the lines with a pencil and then sawing, I'm going to saw the line against my straightedge as I'm measuring. The straightedge is thick, so it works well as a guide, keeping the saw in line when it's pressed against it, as long as it's clamped down.

The saw is .022" thick (StewMac says it's .023", but it's smaller according to my calipers.), so I figure if I move the he straightedge further down exactly .011" on each measurement, measuring from the nut, it should end up perfect.

I used the same method shown here on PG before, but I think this will give me the even more accurate fret slots.

Any thoughts?

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The most accurate way I've found, for me anyway, is to get the numbers from a fret calculator, eg. the one at Stewmac and make a CAD drawing of the fretboard, inputting each number to the 3rd decimal along a straight line. Then print it off and cut it out w/ scissors. Tape it squarely to the fretboard and, with the aid of a steel ruler, CAREFULLY cut the lines with a utility knife. Take the paper off and rub chalk dust into the cuts to highlight them. Then cut to the proper depth with a slotting saw. I DO NOT taper the fb before cutting slots.

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A local guitar maker here told me of a cool way to do it. He marks the positions on one side of the fretboard with a knife or fine pencil. Then he uses a miter box with tin foil creating a very thin slit where the saw sits. He puts a light bulb on the outside of the miter box and lets a thin shaft of light fall perpendicularly across the fretboard and then he cuts on the light. I think he does that for positioning (because I think the light gets blocked by the saw). I just thought that was interesting and would share.

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