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My Custom Headstock

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this is the headstock that i designed for my stratocaster that im building,

i took the conventional strat design and kinda added my own style to it


the keys are gonna be 3 on each side, (gold of course) and possibly thinking of adding an inlay of some sort in the round section on the top

i just want some feedback on how u guys like the design

plz vote

2 = likes it

1 = needs some work

0 = dont like it

and if u dont like plz make suggestions on how i could improve it

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Its Ok only if you like it, Other opinions are like Belly Buttons, Everyone has one.

nah i think theyre more like a-holes,

everyone has one and they all stink :D

Well I wanted to keep it clean, But that is another of way of saying it.

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yea it probably would be better with 4/2, but i already got the tuning keys and theyre 3 a side,

i was thinking of staggering them, kinda like this








ill change it a bit and lay out the tuner heads, ill post a new pic tomorrow when im done this,

ive kinda been busy lately rebuilding my charvel to work much on my new one, i just want a guitar to play that isnt my jackson dinky :D

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you need to draw the strings.

the way it is designed, it seems that all the strings will have to go up a bit.

you should move the whole design closer to the bottom edge of your wood, you can copy the tuner placement holes from a strat headstock. that way all the strings will run paralel to each other.

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alrite well heres what i made of it


i made the left indent a bit smaller and made the long side straighter,

and dont worry, thats not gonna be the final design on the end, i just wanted to see what it would look like with anything, ill worry about it later

edit** alrite all fixed up now, i think it looks good im going to go the the wood shop right now to cut it out

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Straight pull on the strings improves tuning stability. You might want to engineer your headstock around that principle. When the strings pull at an angle against the nut they tend to bind.

My guitar teacher (who's morphing into a luthier) used to cuts nuts slots at an angle with the tuners to accommodate that. His guitars definitely stay in tune well. Although he stopped doing this because he decided it's not really an issue.

I'm not sure about the 'stomo' bit -- sounds a little too biological to me.

For the rest, it's going to be on your guitar, so you have to make yourself happy. I agree about the 4x2 -- it's easy enough to pick up a fourth tuner for the other side. You ought to draw in the tuners, to get an idea of the actual look. You might also build a prototype first, complete with tuners and even strings.

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