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Headstock Faceplate,, I Need Some Guidance Please...

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I have built a new neck for a build that has a mellow 12 degree angle. i would like to have the top end of the faceplate but up against the nut so it helps seat it.

and i know i will need to level and take down the edge of the faceplate so it rest against the nut squarely. anyone don ethis before instead of having the faceplate rest under the edge of the fretboard and nut. thanks!!!

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I just did this exact thing. I roughed in the angle on my belt sander, glued on the faceplate, and finished it with a file. Piece of cake.


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I'll add a dumb question on to here. At what point do you route the edge for the binding? Everytime I have done it, I have to route the head before I glue on the fretboard, or else the face does not lay flat on the router table. Does anyone have any other ways to do this that might be faster or easier.

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