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Flying V Wood Grain Direction

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Would you think it really mattered all that much if the grain ran parallel the edge of each wing instead of with the centerline? Just trying to make the best (and easiest) use of my mahogany, its the last of my 2" stock. The neck is going to be a near full body tenon, will have solid paint and the usual large pickguard, so the direction of the grain won't be noticed. I just can't see any structural problems, but would like to get some input on that issue. Somebody convince me one way or the other! Otherwise I need to glue 2" on the end of each wing.

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I've done this one before on a V. The only hangup I had before I went with it, was that by angling each half of the body you're exposing grain at an angle to the glueing edge. I practice, I don't think there will be any problems cosmetically or structurally. At least planing the glueing edge will be less prone to tearing from grain runout as you'll be going down into the grain 10-20 degrees or whatever.

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