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Veneer question

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If that were true then a pick guard and the screws used to hold it on would change the tone a bunch too.......

yes... forgot about that. Well, thanks... I'll add a nice striped maple veneer to my strat. If I only could decide what color it's gonaa be.

Thanks for your help!

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Everything changes the tone a little bit. :D

That thin a veneer shouldn't hurt your tone though. Remember, though, even the finish can alter tone. Be careful how you glue that veneer on. I have seen people use tons of glue, and real flexible stuff at that, and that would change the tone. Make sure your surfaces are smooth, and do a neat job of gluing it. Also don't use rubber cement, or a silicone based adhesive. (Don't laugh, I have seen these used) Squeeze excess glue out of the way, but don't leave a gap either. (BUZZZZZZZ!)

(Don't ask me how I know veneer will create an untraceable buzz when not glued down correctly)

Sounds like a great project. I have done veneered teles before, and I have always been pleased. How will you hide the edges? Bindings? trim?, or a sunburst finish, with opaque edges? I hate to do bindings, so I always cop out, and slap on a sunburst. If you get really brave, you can use Marquetry techniqes to inlay a design into the face fo the guitar. I am considering a tele like this someday. I have veneers of several different colored woods laying around now.

Good luck, and have fun


p.s. funny story from helping a music store set up and sell at festivals a few years back, with a customer who did the following "Upgrade" at the Evart dulcimer festival, after buying a pickguard from us.

I watched this guy use tub and tile sealant right out of a caulking gun, lay down a big zig zag bead of the stuff, and slap his pickguard right down on it, and let it set up. Must have had the guard 3/16" off the face of the axe, with most of the void filled with silicone! That night, he wondered where his tone went...

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