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Some Finishing Questions

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Whats the best way to fill wenge pores? Advantages or CA or epoxy? Theres going to be a satin acrylic (I think) lacquer over the top of the neck. Its a 3 peice neck, so do I mask off the maple and just paste the filler over the wenge, wait for it to dry and repeat untill it doesnt soak in any more? Some tips or a tutorial link on pore filling would be awesome.

Also wondering about which order to finish my neck. I will be swirling the headstock to match the body, I dont have the process perfected yet, so should I fill the wenge, (do I then have to seal the entire neck, wenge +maple before clear coat?) then satin clear over it, but have the front of the h/s masked off, swirl it at a later date while the back of the headstock + neck is all masked off, and then gloss clear over the swirl?

Can I mask off clear lacquer without leaving residue?


I'm a sucker for black pinstripe accent lines between light bodies and tops, or pretty much any where, but I'm wondering should I buy pre stained black stuff, or do you guys buy the cheapest white stuff you can get and then stain it yourself? I cant imagine it would be very hard to stain a veneer for pinstriping use?


I'm also wondering how to stain mahogany, I mean PRS and others seem to be able to match the colours of theirs tops to their backs quite well and get really nice colours out of mahogany, but mahogany is a dark wood and surely just gets muddy brown if you try and stain it? Do they have to bleach it whiter first? How is this done? Or is it a coloured clear coat that does the trick?

Cheers all

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