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I could quote page after page about varnishes, their formulations, pros, cons, applications, ...but I'd be quoting directly out of the book that is on the way to you now, so I will defer.

It's ALL there. An entire chapter on varnishs alone. History, use, good and bad, applications, clean ups, proper re-coat times...bla bla bla... :D

You are about to have the world of finishing right at your fingertips at a moment's reference.

PS, folks usually don't play SLAYER on their violins~! B)

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boy i feel so loved here no one remembers! it was on the hollow body that i entered this month, i used the behlen violin varnish and it didnt harden after six weeks so i had to strip it down and refinish it! that sucked ! i dont know if it was a bad batch or if i recoated to soon, but i waited 24 hours between coats and it was dry to touch but when i pressed a finger on it after a min it would leave a mark. give the stuff a try though and if it works out let me know what you use cause i'd like to try varnish again sometime!

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