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possible to mod a setneck axe?

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i have just discovered the scalloped fretboard feel and i love it. i have scalloped my custom bolt on and i couldnt be happier.

now in comparison my jumbo fret Washburn just feels flat and emotionless.....

in relevance to the thread title - would it be possible to scallop it? sounds easy enough but here are the problems.

1) its set-neck with last 3 frets direcly over the body

2) it has abound fretboard.

now i have experience of doing this job, but would it be possible to do it? would the binding be able to handle this?

obviously not to mention that any ****-up would be the end of the guitar; but i'd really like it to be scalloped


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brian, are you the guy that put the scalloping the neck on the PG site? if so that guide was really useful, i was quite scared or scalloping my brand new ibanez's beautiful neck, but i followed your guide, and i had no cock-ups! i didnt have the dremel, so i made blocks, radiused by planing the bottom and sanding till smothe.. i double sided taped the sandpaper to these. i havent dont the final sand, cos i havent any 1500-2000 grit paper.

btw, that dbl sided tape was very very strong!! when i was replacing the sand paper it ripped splinters out of the wood, pine stuff.

scalloped boards rock!!

i didnt even hit a single fret :D but it took a huge time doing it by hand, im lokin for one of those dremels in future i think!!! was about 16 hours work!!

do you know if the rotary dremel things with the sanding drums would be any good, i think they might be a bit uncontrollable... lets test it on brothers guiter, lmao.

i used lemon oil, my it smells great but doesnt taste good!!

cya later


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really cool, thanks.

but with no dremel...... gonna be another 10 hours of work plus..... id ont mind though

also another thing, the other time i scalloped and i did it quite deep, to the point of completely removing the inlay (which i did intend to do). now this time, i wonna leave the inlay alone, lol, so how far should scallop radius be approximately?

and one more thing...... any point / or is it worth scalloping LP Standard neck (the trapezoid inlayed ones)...... basically the inlay is big and beautiful.... but nothing beats the feel of a scalloped fingerboard.


btw MikeB, you're from UK, where did you get lemon oil? i could find any anywhere (i live in London as well)

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in my experience, a dremel drum sanding attachment would be a) hard to control and :D too wide for the upper frets. I'm only starting out but my personal experience with dremel style tools so far leads me to believe that.

so long


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