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Recomended Tools For Minimal Setup


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Hi everyone,

I'm planning to build my first electric bass, and for my first build I'm going to purchase a neckthru neck from Carvin, to make it easier on myself.


I've been doing research and reading and trying to come up with a list of basic tools to get the jb done. I'd like to avoid as many power tools as possible but I will have to get a few, I have limited space as well and trying to be budget concious. (I tried accessing the links in the recomended list, but they're all broken links)

Right now I have

-Sandpaper 220, 320 grit

-dust mask


-woodworking gloves

-dremel tool

Need to purchase:

-titebond glue

-watco oil for finishing

Power tool wise I think I at least need a jig saw for cutting the body shape, and I have a hand held drill for roughly routing pickup and electronic cavities.

Not sure what clamps to get, like as far as specific brands or types. I know I'd like to work by hand with chisels or rasps, would like to get by with the bare minimum. I'll mostly be shopping at home depot or Canadian Tire.

What do you suggest?



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This is what I use, my dad is a cabinetmaker and uses it at work all the time. It's the best I've used.


Cheaper supplier of Intertape also Know as Anchor Tape

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