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Walnut For Bass Neck/fretboard

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I'm planning on building a neck through bass where I initially thought of doing a 3 laminate neck of maple walnut running down the center and a maple fretboard, But now I'd like to do the reverse, outer laminates of walnut with maple as the center laminate. I haven't seen a walnut neck on a bass that I can recall, and I'm wondering if there are any structural issues I should be worried about. Anyone thoughts?

The other thing is, if I do this swap, i'm contemplating trying walnut for a fretboard. Other than having to grainfill and finish it, does anyone think it would or wouldn't work as a fretboard?

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I had several customers get walnut necks. Though it's not real common, those who do have said they liked it. Just don't use the sap wood. Walnut is very strong. You could try one of the exotic varieties like Peruvian. A little denser yet still just as light weight.

Even better that you're laminating... :D


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