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I -Really- Lucked Out!


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See, I found this piece of Koa on e-Bay that was beind advertised as a gunstock blank, and it was triangular shaped (obviously)...but judging by the dimensions, I thought I could get a guit out of it.

Picture on e-Bay was of a very rough-hewn piece of wood. Not even planed flat, really rough. You couldn't really 'see' into it to see if it had good figure or not. Not even a very good pic. But it was going for like $50.00 and I 'thought' I saw something good lying underneath the crappy pic so I bid and won it.

So it gets here and I sat on it for a month or two. Even in person I couldn't really see much in it. Kinda disapointed really. I even 'began' to offer it to a bud of mine who is a gun/hunting nut so he could make a gunstock out of it. He's got as many guns as I do guitars. I kind of eased out of that, and finally had it resawn.

Even after resawing it, I still wasn't sure about how good the figure was. Totally non-plused and in no hurry to do much with it.

So I finally got 'round to pouring some Tru-Oil on it to finally see what it had 'under the hood'.


I've been looking on the 'net for something to compare it to so I could at least post a similar pic here, and I can't find one!

Even at Taylor's site, where they advertise a lot of 'Supreme' Koa tops, not a single one comes EVEN CLOSE to this thing!

This piece of wood is like 100% complete flame! You almost can't even see the grain of the wood for all the freakin' flame in this board! SHEEIITE!

And, it's not that 'light sparkly' iridescent flame that you see in a lot of Koa, it's the BLACK FLAME! B)

This piece of Koa is dead-freaking me out. I consider myself very lucky.

I've got enough to make 2 tops out of, I simply cannot put the second set on the bottom of a guitar, I just can't. That would be the most ass-whippin' Koa guitar you ever saw, but I just can't do it.

The first top is going on the Tele I just chambered. Flamed Koa just doesn't exactly look 'Death Metal Guitar' to me, I think a Tele is much more suited to the look.

...but a hot-blooded pre-amped Afterburner Tele of course! B)

I'm pissed I don't have my pic hosting situation worked out yet (God I can be sooo lazy) you HAVE to see this freakin' Koa! I mean, you turn it ever so slightly and the flame just jumps in a hundred different directions. Christ!


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OK, I can e-mail a pic to someone, that's not a problem, except I'm holding a piece of Waterfall Bubinga veneer in place until it sets (with my hands) at the moment (working on the Vee).

Gimme 1/2 hour, I'll e-mail a pic to Wes.

You'll freak. I swear. :D

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boy drak that is very nice!

i am lovin the bubinga to! im doing a hollow body with three peice bubinga but there are two strips of 1/8" canary the same width as the neck its gonna look awsome! im lovin the v though and man that koa is very pretty! make as many tops as you can out of that!

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