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Hot Would I Do This Finish?

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There is a good bursting tutorial off the PG homepage using a cardboard template - works well. To me, it looked like the body was (at least topped with) maple and it was a white burst with clear top - the yellow in the middle is just the color of light maple. If you're not using maple, or already had a nice coat of white grain filler/primer on the body, you could use (for simplicity sake) an airbrush with translucent yellow/trans white mixed to get that color and opaque white on the edges for the burst. Seems that in this case, and I may be wrong, that dye would be to heavy of a coloring.

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I used to have a white guitar and used one of those "Axsack" guitar jackets.

When I removed the jacket years later, it looked almost identical to what you see there.

What had happened was the jacket protected the guitar's outer edges (and backside) while the top was exposed to alot of smokey clubs.

Looked pretty cool actually. :D

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