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Reliable International Wood Suppliers

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Hey all!

I need to find an online distributor/supplier for good top wood (flames, quilts, etc) that ships internationally. Do you guys know any?

Also, if possible, one with an international shipping calculator like the one that stewmac has.

Btw, are those stewmac top woods good? the figure looks very faint! has anyone tried them?

Thanks a mil!


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cant help with the supplier thing but i doubt many sellers will have a website set up as well as stew-mac's for the shipping quotes

they are not my first choice for wood but i did have one of there maple top sets a few years ago and it was ok. Not crazy flamed or anything but certainly not bad


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You could try LMI they ship internationally. You can ask them for a quote before they ship your order, or you could email them I'm sure they'd be happy to give you an estimate. They have amazing top woods and fingerboards.

BTW that's a nice guitar Wez.

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LMI is the way to go, call 'em up, I'm sure they'd be happy to help.

I've placed orders from a few suppliers last week - LMI's stuff "out for delivery" to me according to FEDEX, and has come all the was from the West coast of the US. The stuff I ordered from David Dyke here in the UK hasn't even been sent yet! Go figure :D

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