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Jescar Fretwire

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Jescar is the US distributor for the best fret-wire made today (it's made in Germany). I refuse to buy any other wire after getting this stuff. I hooked up a couple forum memebers here with Jescar long ago, when I was probably the only member here that knew about them. And I do like to keep my secrets.

Much better than Dunlop. (I still have some Dunlop. Wanna trade me something for it ? Just kidding. Shipping to OZ would make it unfavorable to say the least)

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Oh, I don't mean Dunlop wire is horrible. In fact, the two sizes of Dunlop I still have (I think there's a .050" tall (6110 ?) and some .055" (6100) tall) seem to be from a pretty good run. It was the 6105 that was especially bad. I got rid of all I had of that at a loss.

But, from what I've seen, you can get the better stuff that's made in Germany (I know the actual company, but won't reveal it) for a price that's better than what I've seen Dunlop wire selling for.

If the Dunlop stuff was way cheaper, then I'd say if your fretting abilities have a way to go, the more sloppy dimensions of the Dunlop wire are hardly an issue (actually, again, it was mainly Dunlop 6105 that showed a lot of sloppyness- *some* other sizes of Dunlop seem pretty crisp. I never bought a real wide range of Dunlop sizes. In the past, had always just used their larger sizes and then StewMac for vintage sizes)

Last I heard, StewMac wire is made in Japan. I'd rate it as being a little better than Dunlop, but not as good as "Jescar".

Jescar didn't have a website when I first got in contact with them. And I assume they still only sell in bulk amounts, although their bulk amounts got a heck of a lot smaller. Haven't checked their site in a while.

Jeff will probably tell you for smaller amounts, go to LMI, Allied, and probably some other places I'm not aware of.

Oh yeah, PG member woodenspoke. Is he still selling fret-wire on Ebay ? Who do you think hooked him up ?

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I'm in Oz and one of many that has joined together for a group buy from Jescar for Stainless and EVO wire.

The shipment has pretty much reached our shores within the 6 to 10 days they had stated it would take.

It's also far cheaper for us to purchase Stainless and EVO wire from them but no conceivable benefit to buy standard nickel/silver wire from them and shipped to Oz.

For the true bulk buys (like ours) the prices do drop significantly and worth pursuing.

Pound lots minimum is correct, and that really isn't much.



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